Even before an employer or Interviewer meets you at  the Interview, s/he  will examine your CV or
Bio-data. To make a positive  ”first impression”  the format, type style and language on your CV must be appropriate to the post for which you have applied. A wrong format or a wrongly worded ‘Career Objective’ etc. can be the cause of failure at the Interview.

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About Us

With the aim of helping students, employment seekers, employed people and businessmen in their self-improvement and career development in the faith that such a process could contribute slowly yet significantly to social improvement, Mr. M. Anilkumar and Mrs. Rani Anilkumar on 10th April 1986 laid the foundation for a socio-commercial organization that has today grown to be known popularly as CGA or Career Guidance Academy.

Though Mrs. & Mr. Anilkumar were instrumental in laying the foundation of CGA, much of the credit for the success it enjoys today goes to the staff who have over the years developed a work culture that nurtures a team spirit which today pervades the institution.  Hopefully, as new members join the CGA team, this spirit of working as a team to serve others will gain greater strength such that the socio-commercial objectives of CGA will continue to be met from time to time.

The mission statement of CGA reads; “To contribute to social improvement by helping people in their self-improvement and career development.”  This mission statement was written after deep thought just as the conscious decisions to make CGA a socio-commercial organization was taken after deep thought.  The mission statement of CGA today acts as a beacon for all the members of CGA.  All members of the CGA Team are encouraged to ask themselves from time to time as to whether the activities of CGA and that they themselves carry out as a part of their duties directly or indirectly contributes to socio-economic improvement.

The Soft-skill and Interview Training Program , Personality Development Mentoring Program, Computer Courses etc.  that we conduct  for Students and Employment Seekers are all aimed at mitigating un-employment and under-employment  problems that our society faces .  We do so in the belief that  finding solutions to unemployment and under-employment problems with emphasis  on personality development of the candidates  is a first step to finding more effective solutions to social problems that society faces.

To ensure that the Management & Staff uphold and perform according to the values we believe in, we have a  Quality Assurance Statement that  states : In order to give you our very best, all the training programs and courses that we conduct are backed by a FULL-REFUND-IF-DISSATISFIED assurance. Your investment in any of the training programmes  and courses we conduct thus carry little or no financial risk. Furthermore, this policy of ours, motivates us to give you our very best.”

There are those who ask as to why we remain a commercial institution when we could have chosen to be a charitable institution .

The need for CGA to be a socio-commercial organization that generates profits is essential, in the sense that only a commercially viable institution can stand on its own feet and enjoy the freedom to pursue its mission . ( An institution with a social mission  that depends on charity may find that its freedom to operate is often curtailed by those who provide the charity).  Leaving social improvement to social workers or politicians is no more prudent, as the issues are very complex.  For example; even in Western countries that have enormous wealth, social problems are on the rise indicating that economic improvement does not automatically ensure genuine social improvement that improves the quality of life ( mental and physical aspects) – a goal that is far more important than merely “improving the standard of living”  of our society.   We at CGA believe that wealth generation with little or no attempts at genuine personality development ( where emphasis is on character building through value education) is the root cause of our mounting social problems.  It is this belief that motivates us to pursue our mission with absolute freedom, for which, remaining a socio - commercial organization is imperative.



Our Founder Director


An alumnus of the Military School, Belgaum, Mr. Anilkumar completed his graduation in Life Science and Post-graduation in English Communication with aUniversity first rank from UOC – affiliated to UGC. He also holds a Diploma in Business Management and is a former Marketing Executive. Mr. Anilkumar is also a life member of the Indian Society of Training and Development, New Delhi. He is a former President of the Calicut Management Association. In his present profession as a Leadership Trainer & Management Consultant, he specializes in Organizational Development by facilitating the development of the intrapersonal communication (self-motivation) skills and interpersonal communication skills of Managers, Engineers, Doctors, Executives, Staff and Workers of various organizations.

A continuous learner, Mr. Anilkumar has undergone several Management Development Programs on Leadership, Interpersonal Skills etc. conducted by Prestigious Institution such as; Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Kozhikode), School of Creative Perspective, Kochi, National Institute of Sales, Chennai. and so on. He uses the insights and knowledge gained from attending such programs in enriching the lectures he gives and workshops he conducts. A practitioner of Yoga and Meditation, his workshop on “Manage Stress & Increase Competitiveness” has helped employees in various organizations to remain competitive and yet manage stress with emotional maturity and equanimity.

Mr. Anilkumar has conducted leadership workshops & motivational training programs for organizations both in the Government as well as the Private sector. He has conducted workshops for the Managers & Engineers of HLL Life Care Ltd. (a mini Navratna Company of the Govt. Of India) Administrative Officers & DOs of L I C, Managers & Engineers of Peekay Steel Castings (P) Ltd., Engineers of CEDTI, Board of Directors of Patvolk - a Tata Group Company, Members of the Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Managers & Officers of Harrisons Malayalam Ltd., Senior Professors & Doctors of Christian Medical College, Vellore, MIMS Hospital, Calicut and Kottakkal, Jr. Doctors & HS of Calicut Medical College, Dentists of Indian Dental Association and so on.


The two days Leadership Workshop that he facilitates for Doctors undergoing training for Masters In Emergency Medicine at MIMS Academy in partnership with George Washington University has been very popular, that he has been facilitating it for MIMS Academy, every year for the last five consecutive years.


In the role of an Interview Trainer & Personality Development Mentor


In addition to facilitating training programs in the corporate sector, Mr. Anilkumar is invited from time to time by reputed companies to join their Directors and Managers as a member on the panel of Interviewers and assist them in interviewing candidates for various posts.  In the Automobile Sector, he has interviewed candidates for the posts of General Manager, Marketing Executives, Works Manager ( Engineers ), Technicians  etc. for KTC Hyundai ( Hyundai Car Dealership, Calicut ) , Har Cars ( Maruti Car Dealership, Kannur )  etc. In the Banking Sector , he has facilitated Group Discussions and personally interviewed candidates for the post of General Manager for  Calicut Co-operative Urban Bank.  In the Retailing Sector, he has interviewed candidates for various posts in Bhima Jewellery Trivandrum, Nagercoil, Mysore, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Calicut, Kannur  etc.  He has also interviewed candidates seeking employment in Hospitals, Newspaper Groups, Educational institutions and so on.  Furthermore, the seminar he conducts for college students of professional colleges titled ‘Strategy for Success in Job / Placement Interviews’ coupled with his experience as a Corporate Interviewer, gives him the rare ability of relating to Freshers and Job Seekers  ( with experience ) alike in a manner that is friendly yet focused on professionally delivering valuable lessons and tips to candidates on how to succeed in Job or Campus Interviews.


Those who have attended the Interview Training & Personality Development Mentoring Programs that Mr. Anilkumar conducts on a 1:1 basis – to provide individual attention to candidates for a more effective application of learning done, have often acknowledged how helpful he is in enabling them to get the job they desired by guiding them sincerely and clearing their doubts personally. His ability to frame tricky behavioural questions and train candidates to answer them convincingly, has won him many admirers in the student community and also among job seekers with years of experience who seek his help to achieve success in promotional interviews as well as job interviews.


The Aim of Interview Training & Personality Development Mentoring.


The primary purpose of CGA is to fulfill its mission that was envisioned in 1986. Providing interview training and personality development mentoring also helps us to be more effective in fulfilling our mission of facilitating social improvement .


It is a well known fact that we Indians are very talented. We carry certain extraordinary genes that have been passed on to us from our forefathers. The  achievements of our forefathers in the field of Mathematics, Astronomy, Cosmology etc. is well known and this is why we believe that we carry certain extraordinary genes, the potential of which most Indians are not aware of and this is why we continue to be labeled as a  ‘developing country’ when in fact this need not be the case.


Through the Personality Development Mentoring Program, that Mr. Anil kumar personally conducts, he  aims to make employment seekers and students  aware of their potential and instill confidence in them so that they can go on to build their career more effectively and thus contribute to the socio-economic development of our society . Through the interview training program he along with other HRD Professionals aim to help employment seekers to secure job opportunities which would otherwise be lost due to the lack of soft skills – the development of which our school & college education system doesn’t  focus on and thus leaves many employment seekers at a disadvantage even though they are technically qualified for higher end jobs . ( When we train students  to answer behavioural questions that are asked at an interview, we tell them that they must do so truthfully and convincingly as making false claims at an interview will sooner or later damage their employment prospects, promotion etc . However, we also guide them on how to make an aspect of their candidature that appears negative, to be presented in a positive manner – with an admission of mistakes made in the past and willingness to correct oneself in the future. We do this in the faith that those whom seek our assistance to achieve success in job or campus interviews  will be able to perform well during job / campus interviews and they will also gradually become positive thinkers - sooner or later and thus contribute more effectively to the socio-economic development of our society)


Our Executive Director



Mrs. Rani Anilkumar  holds an MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management . She also holds a P.G Diploma in Yoga Teaching .She is a woman entrepreneur and the Executive Director of Career Guidance Academy ( C.G.A) that has 31 years of service behind it. CGA  is situated at YMCA Cross Road, Calicut and is a sister concern of MASTERS .


As the Executive Director  & Chief Faculty of Career Guidance Academy ( C.G.A ) Mrs. Rani facilitates Communicative English and Group Discussion Classes. The Interview Seminars that she conducts for Employment Seekers & College Students are always well attended. Her experience in interviewing candidates and conducting Mock Interviews makes her a competent Interviewer.  She is also a Guest Faculty at various educational institutions like Department of Commerce and Management Studies , University of Calicut, Indian Institute of Knowledge Management, Women’s Polytechnic, Institute of Management Studies, St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri, etc where she facilitates “Soft Skill Development - for employability enhancement of students”.


Mrs. Rani is also the Program Director &  Faculty of MASTERS with considerable experience in facilitating women empowerment programs run by MICTRA, Calicut Management Association, Footwear Design & Development Center etc. She is also a motivational trainer who facilitates Motivation & Team Building programs for the Staff of reputed companies such as Punjab National Bank, LIC Housing Finance  LIC HOUSING FINANCE, Health and Family welfare Training Centre, Kerala District Co-operative Hospital etc. She is also Guest Faculty of Punjab National Bank ( ZTC - Calicut ),IIKM, NIT ( C.D ), Calicut. The topics she covers during her presentations are Motivation & Team Building, Providing Customer Service that creates Repeat Customers, Time Management, Problem Solving Skill,  Effective Communication etc.




Our Guest Faculty



Mr. Victor Sequeira joined the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1993 and retired as a Manager from CFL Pharmaceuticals having its headquarters in Goa. With a total work experience of 31 years, he has considerable experience in interviewing and training Executives to take up responsibilities in various posts.


A former hockey player and state weight lifting champion with a record of holding the title for 7 years, Mr. Victor has always been interested in the welfare of the youth. Being keenly interested in encouraging and motivating young people to build their career systematically, Mr. Victor joined Career Guidance Academy as a Guest Faculty in the year 2005, with the aim of promoting his social interests. He is a member on the panel of interviewers enlisted by CGA for conducting Mock Interviews for job aspirants.  His wide experience in interviewing and training Executives to take up responsibilities in various posts also makes him an effective Interview Trainer. His friendly and jovial nature with the ability to frame tricky behavioural questions and train candidates to answer them convincingly has won him many admirers in the student community and also among job seekers .




Mr. K Ashokan is an Associate Member  of  the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (India) and is Certified by Oracle as OCP DBA. Though he is an Electronics Engineer by qualification he has over 24 years experience in the IT industry with twelve years in software development and twelve years in Oracle database consulting.


As Senior Database Consultant  at NATCOM, Saudi Arabia, he has gained a wealth of experience in system integration, Oracle database  and development tools, on various strains of UNIX platforms. He has considerable experience in interviewing, recruiting and training candidates as Programmers, Database Consultants, Software Engineers etc.


Mr. Ashokan joined Career Guidance Academy as a Guest Faculty in the year 2008, with the aim of guiding aspiring software engineers to build their career more effectively. He is a member on the panel of interviewers enlisted by CGA for conducting Mock Interviews, especially for those who aspire to work in the IT Industry.




Six Most Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Why does CGA remain a commercial institution when it claims that it aims to contribute to social improvement . Couldn’t CGA have been a charitable institution ? To know more, please click here.

  • Can you guarantee that, by attending your Communicative English Course, I will be able to speak fluently in English in 2 to 3 months ? To know more, please click here.

  • What are the primary reason for failure at a Job or Placement Interview, even when the candidate is highly qualified for the job? To know more, please click here.

  • Do you train employment seekers to give untruthful answers to behavioral questions so as to succeed in interviews ? To know more, please click here.

  • Will genuine changes take place in an individual who undergoes your Personality Development Mentoring Program or will the changes be superficial ? To know more, please click here.

  • What do you mean when you say that; a candidate can make his or her Bio-data more attractive by attending the various mentoring programs that you conduct? To know more, please click here.


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