Even before an employer or Interviewer meets you at  the Interview, s/he  will examine your CV or
Bio-data. To make a positive  ”first impression”  the format, type style and language on your CV must be appropriate to the post for which you have applied. A wrong format or a wrongly worded ‘Career Objective’ etc. can be the cause of failure at the Interview.

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Six Most Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Why does CGA remain a commercial institution when it claims that it aims to contribute to social improvement . Couldn’t CGA have been a charitable institution ? To know more, please click here.

  • Can you guarantee that, by attending your Communicative English Course, I will be able to speak fluently in English in 2 to 3 months ? To know more, please click here.

  • What are the primary reason for failure at a Job or Placement Interview, even when the candidate is highly qualified for the job? To know more, please click here.

  • Do you train employment seekers to give untruthful answers to behavioral questions so as to succeed in interviews ? To know more, please click here.

  • Will genuine changes take place in an individual who undergoes your Personality Development Mentoring Program or will the changes be superficial ? To know more, please click here.

  • What do you mean when you say that; a candidate can make his or her Bio-data more attractive by attending the various mentoring programs that you conduct? To know more, please click here.


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