( Med. : English or Malayalam )
Ideal For : Any company or firm with 20 or more employees that wants to increase motivation & team work of employees , reduce wastages, improve customer service etc.

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Ideal For : Any company or firm with 20 or more Sales Staff / Executives that wants to win and retain more customers by aiming to delight them and not merely satisfy them.

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( Med. : English or Malayalam )

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The leadership skill development program you did for our Managers have been rated mostly outstanding by the participants and I also got only little time to attend the same. But the time I spent ( as an observer ) has assured me that the investment made is really worthy V. Saraswathi Devi Deputy Vice President ( Trg ), HLL Life Care Ltd. ,Thiruvanathapuram

“ Let me thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave us on leadership skill development. Even though I have attended several motivational programmes before, yesterday's programme really touched my heart.”

Dr. R. Selvakumar, PhD., Professor & Head, Dept of Clinical Biochemistry, Christian Medical College, Vellore ( 1st letter dated 28th Nov. 2011 )

“The one day program ( The Leader – Manager ) was very simple, easy to understand and I believe it was very successful. All of the participants ( Zonal Managers – All India ) whom I have contacted spoke very highly about the program.” Vrij Mohan, Director , Kerala Transport Company , Calicut

“ This letter is dropped to express our sincere gratitude for delivering a highly educative and enriching module ( one day workshop ) on “THE LEADER MANAGER” . All the participants ( from various companies ) shared their experience ( feedback ) as unmatched as they felt your program to be a new experience.”

Mr. Suhas Pola, Secretary, National Institute of Personnel Management , Calicut Group

Even though you addressed 3 different groups – the Engineers and General Admin. Staff, Senior Professors and Admin. Staff and the Staff of the department of Clinical Biochemistry, you took the challenge exceptionally well and tailored each Leader-Manager session to the needs of the individuals in each group. You were highly sensational and inspired the audience.”
Dr. R. Selvakumar, PhD., Professor & Head, Dept of Clinical Biochemistry,

Christian Medical College, Vellore ( 2nd letter dated 24th Feb. 2012 )

“Having sat through this workshop ( Be a Leader to be an Effective Manager – Module 1 ) on both the days, I believe it will be useful to all participants (Sr. Managers, AGMs, Engineers and Asst. Mangers ) in improving their leadership skills.” K.E Shanavaz , Joint MD, Peekay Steel Castings (P) Ltd., Calicut.

Note : The said Leadership Workshop was also conducted, in two batches, for Managers of Peekay Steel Castings, Coimbatore on the recommendations of Mr. K.E. Shanavaz

“Our Zonal Manager, Regional Managers, Our Sr. Divisional Manager and Administrative Officers were unanimous in their appreciation of the programme ( Leadership & Team Building ) conducted by you”.
M.P. Balakrishnan, Manager, P & IR, Life Insurance Corporation – Calicut Division.

“The overall efficiency and skill with which you so effectively handled the workshop “ (Executive Effectiveness) for our Executives is commendable”
Ashok Menon, General Manager,Forbes Patvolk ( a TATA Group Co.) .

“The programme ( Workshop on “Leadership Skills” ) was very inspiring and motivating. It was well appreciated by all the delegates ( Doctors ).”
Dr. V. Rajesh, President, Indian Dental Association, Pathanamthitta Branch.

“Government organizations such as ours are being subjected to intense competition. Your efforts ( through Attitude Determines Altitude Workshop) in changing the perception of our engineers will make them more competitive”
G.M.Ajit, Director, Centre For Electronics Design And Technology Of India.

“All the participants appreciated the practicality of your training programme (Patient Care Orientation Training). I complement you in your sincere attempt in making the programme a success&”
Dr. K.K. Mohandas, Elite Mission Hospital.

“Your training programmes (Customer Orientation Team Training etc.) have resulted in remarkable improvement in the overall productivity of our company”.
P.N Gopinath, General Manager, MS & S Motors Ltd.

“The fact that he (Mr.M.Anilkumar) has conducted more than twenty training programmes for our staff for the last three years and our willingness to continue to engage him is proof enough of his competence and caliber as a motivational trainer.”.
B. Bindan, Managing Partner, Bhima Jewels.

“We are indeed grateful to you for having made us aware of the inner potential of each individual. We have already started seeing the results of your training”.
M. A.M. Babu Moopan, Managing Partner, German Motors.
“The train the trainers program for our welfare officers was well conceived. Your training will enable our employees to be more competitive and will make them more effective. I look forward to your valuable services in the future as well"
C. Vinayraghavan, Chief Manager- HRD, Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.
“The programme ( Managerial Effectiveness ) conducted by you for our Branch Managers was excellent. We are very delighted by your performance.”
C.P. Kuhimohammed, Executive Director, Kerala Roadways Ltd.
“Your Training programmes on Customer Orientation, Professional Selling and Time Management & Decision Taking have been appreciated by our Senior Executives and Branch Managers for guiding them in their creditable achievements”
V.P. Nanda Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Manappuraam Benefit Fund Limited.



( Note : The questions given below are not always asked in the same manner as they have been compiled below. The said questions represent the essence of the various questions asked, pertaining to a particular issue or concept )


  • Why is it that employees who undergo behavioral training and appear to be ‘motivated’ for a few days after the training program, are unable to sustain the “motivation” for a longer period of time ? To know more, please click here.

  • Do you mean that ‘fun filled’ and ‘exciting’ training programs adversely affect the participant’s learning curve ( process ) ?
    Note; This question was first asked to our Founder Director, Mr. Anilkumar by a participant, while he was facilitating the program ‘Training The Trainers’ for the Asst. Personnel Managers and Supervisors of Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.. The answer given to this question will also give you an insight into what makes us different in our approach to facilitating learning through our training programs and workshops. To know more, please click here.

  • What is your opinion about the motivational training programs conducted by multi-level marketing companies, where trainers purposefully excite the participants to motivate them ? To know more, please click here.

  • Why do you conduct three kinds of Team Training programs ?To know more, please click here.

  • Why should commercial organizations aim to delight customers, isn’t satisfying customers more than enough. Furthermore, in this context how is team work critical ? To know more, please click here.

  • Why are Mangers and Supervisors being asked to develop ‘Leadership Skills’ and perform like Leaders rather than Managers? What has happened or is happening to necessitate this change ? To know more, please click here.


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